Brad Ison

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Brad Ison has been a licensed hearing instrument specialist since 2011, but he has been interested in hearing and hearing aids for even longer. He started working summers in his mother’s office and gained an interest in hearing technology seeing the impact that hearing made in peoples’ lives.

After graduating from Centre College in 2008, Brad considered the pursuit of a doctorate in audiology at the University of Louisville but found that he was the happiest working with patients in the clinic and sought his hearing instrument license instead. Working first in Louisville for Sam’s Club and later for Hear In Kentucky, Brad gained a new appreciation for the more personal, hands-on approach he had learned watching his mother work back in Hopkinsville.

When looking forward to the expansion of his family in the form of little John Charles Ison, Brad and his wife Danielle decided to move back to Hopkinsville to raise their son with the help of close friends and family. In 2016, Brad began to work with Hearing Services of Kentucky again, and there he happily plans to stay.

Brad supports the Cerebral Palsy Guide