Facts About Hearing Loss

In terms of our ability to communicate with others, hearing is our most critical sense. Even relatively mild hearing loss can seriously disrupt how we interact and connect with others. Without healthy hearing...

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Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an insidious health malady in that most people don’t know they’re experiencing it. Until it’s too late — and even then, they may assume that it’s a temporary problem. If no single significant event...

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Binaural Hearing

Individuals often experience different levels of hearing loss in each ear. And patients in this situation frequently ask us, “Can’t I just treat my really bad ear for hearing loss? Won’t that be improvement enough?”

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Communication Tips

Better hearing requires more than just hearing aids. Hearing your best means having the right technology — fit specifically to your unique hearing needs — for the environments you find yourself in most often...

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What is An Audiologist?

Individuals looking for hearing loss treatment face a number of challenges, including medical terms that may be unfamiliar and categories of healthcare professionals that may seem confusing...

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